The Fulcrum is an original hard rock band, creating truly unique music with no boundaries.

The roots of The Fulcrum were planted a number of years ago by frontman Eric Bruno. The band remained a trio for some time, during which Eric found bassist Anthony Susinno. Shortly after, the group decided to add another dimension, which appeared in the form of guitarist Anthony “Chio” Chiofalo.

Though slightly divergent in style, Eric and Chio’s musical abilities morphed into an advanced collaborative effort, working through intertwining guitar parts, sharing songwriting duties, and alternating lead vocals. Underlined by Anthony’s unique bass playing, the foundation of The Fulcrum was cemented. The last piece of the puzzle fell into place during the Covid-19 pandemic, when the group added drummer Bill Seidman.

The Fulcrum is truly a boundless rock experiment, forbidding limitation by genre, conventionality, or expectations. The band’s powerful, intricate sound is difficult to relate to anything else, needing to be experienced to be understood.

Eric Bruno – Vocals/Guitar

Anthony Chiofalo – Vocals/Guitar

Bill Seidman – Drums

Anthony Susinno – Bass