Nearly two years ago, in the early days of the pandemic, The Fulcrum released “Light Peeking In,” their first EP as a four-piece. Unable to play live and promote the EP, the band masked up and continued to create, isolated in their garage HQ in northeast Long Island. Life was uncertain. Times were strange. But the music they began to endlessly toil over provided solace.

Week after week, with no performances in sight, the guitars got tighter. The vocals got clearer. The arrangements advanced. More than 52 weeks passed and in the spring of 2021, after a lingering darkness that felt like it stayed for decades, the band came out of hibernation and played a show. For the first time, other humans heard what would become Annihilate.

In July of 2021, The Fulcrum began recording Annihilate at Westfall Recording Co., home of Moon Tooth—one of The Fulcrum’s greatest inspirations. The experience was nothing short of incredible.

The album was completed in October 2021, after being mixed to perfection by Moon Tooth’s Ray Marte. Additional pieces needed to be put into place behind the scenes, but after two single releases over the past three months, the full album has arrived.

The members of The Fulcrum could not be more proud of Annihilate. The journey which led to it makes the final product that much more satisfying. Each of the 10-songs is it’s own animal, living together in a kingdom they share. Some will make you cower. Others will calmly draw you in. The kingdom’s beauty is in its unpredictability—and the hope, is that you’ll have the gaul to walk right through and admire that beauty.

The Fulcrum have given all they have to offer on Annihilate. Now, finally, it’s yours for the taking.

The members of The Fulcrum have solidified. The songs have solidified. Society is beginning to return to its former functioning. Coinciding with that return, The Fulcrum played their first live set in over a year, their first ever acoustic set, and first set with drummer Bill Seidman.

Moving forth on another front, the band will soon enter pre-production for their first full length album at Westfall Studios, known for their incredible work on Moon Tooth records, as well many more excellent productions.

The month of July will see the band complete the recording, with hopes of release late summer/early fall. But trust, from here on out, the band will be out in the world playing live as much as they possibly can.

This year has taken a significant toll on us all. As such, many have had to make decisions as to how to move forward. While the members of The Fulcrum are sad to see friend Dean Burlon Jr. exit the band, the time and effort he put forth was appreciated and he will be missed.

Luckily, Mr. Bill Seidman has chosen to fill his seat. The members of The Fulcrum are happy to welcome him into the band and excited to continue on their boundless rock experiment. Recording of a full length release is set to begin in the coming months.

Look on to 2021.

The band has been quiet, but not motionless. The members of this new iteration of The Fulcrum have been using their time in the new world system to create, introspect, and plan their next move.

When it was safe to do so, they reconvened, and began hashing out a new sound, feel, and new level of creativity to push the band. And through a beautiful stroke of luck, they’ve been honored with a radio spot on their home rock station — Long Island’s own 94.3 The Shark.

All the members of The Fulcrum are extremely grateful that they will be able to hear their creation “Must Be a Dream” Sunday 10/4 between 7-9 PM on The Shark’s new music show ‘Fresh Blood.’Being avid listeners and lovers of rock radio, it is truly an honor to hear, for even a few minutes, their song come over the airwaves and grace the ears of fellow Long Island rock fans.

No doubt, this is not the last update of the year for the band, as they head into the pre-production phase of their next release – and await the day their live energy can flood a venue once again.

The members of The Fulcrum are pleased to announce Dean Burlon will now be playing drums in the band. Dean brings hard-hitting, versatile, and powerful rhythmic energy to the table, which fits well with The Fulcrum’s no-rules experimental style.

In the same light, The Fulcrum would also like to thank former drummer Joe Santangelo for his time with the band. Joe was a tried-and-true rocker who showed up to every gig and practice ready to impress. His exit was simply due to significant geographic challenges, which he always did his best to overcome. But life has a way of moving all of us in our own direction, and in some instances, away from where we’d prefer to be.

The Fulcrum wishes Joe the best and is thankful for all his contributions to the band.

The Fulcrum have just released a new music video for the song “Brilliance” off their Light Peeking In EP. This is the third in a string of DIY videos the band has released since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing quarantine. It is, however, the first that includes footage shot specifically for the video, albeit under auspicious circumstances due to the state of world affairs.

Brilliance is one of the more mellow, intricate songs on the EP, but it no doubt ends with a bang. The new music video parallels that sonic dynamic.

Enjoy friends.