“Old Guys Talk Metal and Sometimes Punk” is A Saturday night show on FM radio in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s now also a podcast. How The Fulcrum became graced with knowledge of their existence is, of course, thanks to social media. They were kind enough to feature two of the songs from the new EP on the show this past Saturday night — “Blight of ’71” and “Casualty of Gravity.”

Since they focus on genuinely well-done heavy music, the show was also packed full of other really awesome metal bands, plus fun commentary by the guys. A radio program like this is a breath of fresh air to listen to. All the members of The Fulcrum will definitely be tuning in again.

You can listen to the show on the station’s website or with the Listen2MyRadio app. You can also follow the guys on Twitter and Instagram for pics and links to featured artists, as well as show updates.

The Fulcrum have recorded and released a new EP as of April 2020. “Light Peeking In” is the second EP from the band and the first release with four members. The band also put out two music videos, created in quarantine with stock footage and some live clips.

While the band is incredibly proud of “Light Peeking In,” they are already hard at work on their first full-length album, not to mention chomping at the bit to play live again.