The Fulcrum Welcomes Their New Drummer and Thanks Their Former

The members of The Fulcrum are pleased to announce Dean Burlon will now be playing drums in the band. Dean brings hard-hitting, versatile, and powerful rhythmic energy to the table, which fits well with The Fulcrum’s no-rules experimental style.

In the same light, The Fulcrum would also like to thank former drummer Joe Santangelo for his time with the band. Joe was a tried-and-true rocker who showed up to every gig and practice ready to impress. His exit was simply due to significant geographic challenges, which he always did his best to overcome. But life has a way of moving all of us in our own direction, and in some instances, away from where we’d prefer to be.

The Fulcrum wishes Joe the best and is thankful for all his contributions to the band.