Feature on Long Island’s own 94.3 The Shark

The band has been quiet, but not motionless. The members of this new iteration of The Fulcrum have been using their time in the new world system to create, introspect, and plan their next move.

When it was safe to do so, they reconvened, and began hashing out a new sound, feel, and new level of creativity to push the band. And through a beautiful stroke of luck, they’ve been honored with a radio spot on their home rock station — Long Island’s own 94.3 The Shark.

All the members of The Fulcrum are extremely grateful that they will be able to hear their creation “Must Be a Dream” Sunday 10/4 between 7-9 PM on The Shark’s new music show ‘Fresh Blood.’Being avid listeners and lovers of rock radio, it is truly an honor to hear, for even a few minutes, their song come over the airwaves and grace the ears of fellow Long Island rock fans.

No doubt, this is not the last update of the year for the band, as they head into the pre-production phase of their next release – and await the day their live energy can flood a venue once again.